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Hokkaido Japan

The provision of liquefied natural gas(LNG)from Hokkaido Gas Co.
Now allows the introduction of energy-efficient cogeneration systems
that simultaneously produce electricity and heat.

ishikari bay new port
ishikari bay new port
Hokkaido Electric Power Co. is moving ahead with the construction of an LNG thermal power plant in the Ishikari Bay New Port Area.
It will have a total output of 1,600 MV, and the first until is scheduled to start operation in February 2019.
The government is moving ahead with a demonstration experiment involving high-temperature superconducting direct-current
transmission systems in the Ishikari Bay New Port Area(based on public recruitment of contractors by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
“ ISHIKARI ” Offers the ideal location for businesses expansion in Japan and Asia. 
- We would appreciate your entering into the  "ISHIKARI BAY NEW PORT AREA" -