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Hokkaido Japan
  The greater Sapporo area, whose urban functions are in keeping with the natural environment, is less influenced by typhoons,
  thunderstorms and other extreme weather events than other areas of Hokkaido. Summers are comfortable with a low temperature-humidity
  index (a measure of the degree of discomfort).
 Securement of safety and a favorable environment for businessactivities

In Hokkaido, people feel the arrival of spring when the snow thaws. They feel comforted by the refreshing climate of early summer and welcome the short warm season. The greater Sapporo area has low humidity, and is affected little by the unpleasant rainy season that visits the rest on the country.
Unlike Tokyo, Osaka and other cities on Japan’s main island of Honshu, sequences of hot days with temperatures of 30℃ or above are rare. These refreshing weather conditions make the area an ideal choice for business facilities that would otherwise have high air-conditioning costs. In addition to the pleasant climate, the rarity of typhoons and thunderstorms in the area reduced the risk posed by natural phenomena.
Conducting business in this safe, comfortable location enhances the sense of security for business operators and their employees alike.

hokkaido sightseeing
hokkaido sightseeing
hokkaido sightseeing
hokkaido sightseeing
 Earthquake risk assessment for the Ishikari Bay New Port Area
  The area has a very low probability (between 0.1% and below 3.0%) of earthquake registering 6 lower or more on the Japanese seismic
  scale of 1-7 within 30 years.
Ishikari Bay New Port Area has a low risk of earthquakes, with only nine tremors measuring 3 or more on the Japanese seismic intensity scale over the past decade. The Ishikari Bay New Port Area has no recorded earthquakes with an intensity of 5 or more.

The average annual number of typhoons approaching Hokkaido has been low over the past 30 years, making the greater Sapporo area perfect for the diversification of management risk posed by natural disasters. The annual number of hot days with maximum temperatures of 30℃ or above is also below 10. With its refreshing climate, the Ishikari Bay New Port Area provides the ideal location for facilities of business where refrigeration and air conditioning are needed. The relatively low sea temperatures in the region are a factor behind the low number of typhoons in Hokkaido. The greater Sapporo area is also less prone to the risk of large-scale earthquakes than other parts of Hokkaido. In short, the area has a variety of significant advantages that make it a pleasant place to live.

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