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Hokkaido Japan
 The Ishikari Bay New Port Area – some of Japan’s best industrial infrastructure, including an extensive network of wide roads,
  a secure supply of industrial water, electricity and gas, and a favorable Internet environment
 A complex with a third of its area dedicated to green spaces and parks

Development of high-quality infrastructure in the region is promoted under a collaborative project involving the national government, the Hokkaido Government, the Ishikari and Otaru city governments, and Ishikari Development Co., Ltd. Infrastructural elements include those for water supply and sewerage, industrial waterworks, high-voltage power supplies from two substations, a convenient communications environment and an industrial waste treatment system.

The Ishikari Bay New Port Area cover approximately 3,000 hectares. Stretching about 3 kilometers from north to south and 10 kilometers from east to west, the vast site encompasses a number of parks, with approximately a third of its area dedicated to green spaces. The complex also serves as an industrial park with various facilities, including a baseball ground, a sports park with a dog run, and a museum with a restaurant.

neighboring environment
neighboring environment
neighboring environment
 Green spaces, parks and service facilities
In addition to its forest reserves, the area is also surrounded by green spaces, Aoba Park (a sports park) and Tarukawa Park (a community park) are places where locals can relax and refresh themselves, and six further parks are scheduled for construction. The area also encompasses a variety of service amenities including convenience stores and sports facilities.
 Power Supply

Construction of city-planned roads and residential streets is scheduled for the area. Additionally, three trunk roads connecting National Route 337 (a regional high-standard highway) and the Hokkaido Expressway and also leading to central Sapporo are under construction.

Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. uses two local substations to supply high-voltage power (6,600 V) and extra-high-voltage power (66,000V).
 Communications environment
The entire area is covered by a network of fiber optic cable to provide a convenient communications environment.
neighboring environment
neighboring environment
neighboring environment
 Water supply, sewerage industrial waterworks
 Full provision of industrial
    waste treatment facilities
Tap water supply facilities are constructed and maintained by the Ishikari and Otaru city government, while sewerage service is provided by the Hokkaido Government via its dedicated industrial waste control sewerage system. All wastewater and polluted water discharged from factories and other establishments is treated at the area’s sewage treatment plant. Users of these services are not required to pay for them directly. Industrial water is supplied by the Hokkaido Government, which also maitaind infrastracuture.
Waste treatment facilities operated by the private sector are located in the area, and an industrial waste treatment system is in place.
 Natural gas supply
Hokkaido gas Co., Ltd. provides a stable supply of natural gas.
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