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Hokkaido Japan
Ishikari Bay New Port Area / 3,000ha Industrial Park of 15km from Sapporo St of 1.9 million city
ishikari bay new port area 3000ha/15km from sapporo station

Ishikari Bay New Port Aera, the biggest industrial and distributional complex in the Greater Sapporo, is favorably located only 15 km away from Sapporo Station. The total land area of the hub industrial park is approximately 3,000 ha,and has the an international trading port as a gateway from the world to Sapporo.

This area is being developed by national government of Japan, Hokkaido, Otaru City, Ishikari City and our company.These government committee and we establish green space and some parks in one-third of this hub industrial area, and provide the comfortable environment.

Over 700 companies have already established in this area and contribute to Hokkaido Business’s expansion. We are looking forward to meeting you and seeing your business expansion in this wonderful place.

“ ISHIKARI ” Offers the ideal location for businesses expansion in Japan and Asia. 
- We would appreciate your entering into the  "ISHIKARI BAY NEW PORT AREA" -