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Land Lot
 Vast, moderately priced land areas that can be subdivided To suit various needs
The Ishikari Bay New Port Area is covered by a development project over its land area of approximately 3,000 hectares. Large parcels of land are available at moderate prices in an area conveniently located only 30 minutes by car from central Sapporo. The over 600 enterprises operating in the industrial complex represent a wide range of industries, including those of transportation, warehousing, manufacturing construction, retailing, wholesaling and services.
Land parcels can be subdivided to suit various needs and purposes such as industrial or commercial use, food-related business, logistics, services and amusement.
ishikari bay new port area guide
 Industrial Land Area A (Shinko minamiBanaguro District)

Water supply : Otaru-Ishikari-sen prefectural pipeline,
BannaguroChuo-dori municipal pipeline
andBannaguro Kita-8-sen municipal pipeline constructed.
Sewerage :(rainwater)Otaru-Ishikari-sen prefectural pipeline, Bannaguro
         Chuo-dori municipal pipeline (sewage)
         Otaru-Ishikari-sen prefectural pipeline, Bannaguro
         Chuo-dori municipal pipeline andBannaguro Kita-8-sen
         municipal pipeline constructed. Public wastewater basins
         built under access roads sidewalk.
Industrial waterworks:
Otaru-Ishikari-sen prefectural pipeline,
         Bannaguro Chuo-dori municipal pipeline
         constructed (across roads)

 Lot Sale Price
   ◇ Industrial District 12,000 yen / ㎡
   ◇ Distribution District 12,000 yen / ㎡
   ◇ Industrial Support District 13,000 yen / ㎡
  and other District ~ 15,000 yen / ㎡
 Lot Lease Price
  ◇ All District (annual) 500 yen / ㎡

Lot Sales Price
Lease Price
 ■Industrial Destrict
Leasing fee× 2years
 ■Distribution Destrict
 ■Industrial Support Destrict
   and Others Destrict
1 sq.ft=0.0929㎡ Exchange rate : \100/$ 
 Lease system for reduced initial overhead and well-designed support programs
The Hokkaido government and the city governments of Otaru and Ishikari offer support programs for enterprises establishing offices, factories or facilities in the Ishikari Bay New Port Area. For newly constructed factories and other facilities, 8-10 % of investment amount is subsidized under the Hokkaido Industrial Promotion treatment are also provided, such as reduction of or exemption from local taxes levied by the cities of Otaru and Ishikari.
For commercial land, an interest-free lease system (fixed-term leasing with a deposit equivalent to two years of leasing fees) is provided in addition to lot-based sales to reduce initial investment overheads. Please contact us for more information.
“ ISHIKARI ” Offers the ideal location for businesses expansion in Japan and Asia. 
- We would appreciate your entering into the  "ISHIKARI BAY NEW PORT AREA" -