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What is Ishikari Bay New Port Area?

The largest industrial distribution complex in the Sapporo area

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The Ishikari Bay New Port area is an industrial complex started in 1978 with a total area of 3000 hectares centering on an international trade port. A wide variety of industires such as manufacturing industries like machine, metal and food industries, distribution industries like wholesale, storage and transportation industries, and service industries are part of this area. These represent about 700 companies and employ more than 15,000 people, making it a leading industrial base in Hokkaido.
In particular, commercial refrigeration warehouse here is the largest in Hokkaido. It accounts for about one-fourth of the total commercial refrigeration in the state and also has the largest logistics base in Hokkaido. Furthermore, it provides food products and other daily supplies around the clock for the people in Hokkaido, making it an important distribution and logistics base.
In recent years, Hokkaido Gas Co., Ltd.’s Ishikari LNG Terminal base has been operating to supply gas directly to the city of Sapporo and other neighboring areas. In February 2019, Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Ltd.’s LNG thermal power plant is scheduled to start commercial operation. Also, construction of wind power generation facility is underway. Japan's first large-scale offshore wind, solar, hydrogen and biomass generation facilities are planned as well. They are expected to be an important base and play a key role to support energy generation in Hokkaido.