Greetings from the company President

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the development and promotion of industry in the Ishikari Bay New Port area. Since its founding in 1964, our compay has provided a variety of support to companies in the region, including the development of this region. I have been takinga step at a timeand advancinggradually. We are working to develop Ishikari Bay New Port area which is the largest industrial distribution complex in the Sapporo area.
The Ishikari Bay New Port’s international trade port is just 15 kms from downtown Sapporo. It is a gateway to the sea in Sapporo. Industrial base has a total area of 3,000 hectares.This area is being developed by Japan, Hokkaido, Otaru City, Ishikari City, and our ‘semi-public corporation’companies.
About one-third of the total area are green areas or parks. As a “green industrial park” we want to create a comfortable work environment that allows employees to feel relaxed. In addition, the Sapporo area where this commercial base is located has a population of about 2.5 million people. The labor force here is expected to increase more and be concentrated here in the future.
To date, we have supported the expansion of more than 700 companies in the Ishikari Bay New Port Area. Because of this achievement companies here have developed immense trust and confidence in us.
We are now working towards further expanding the Ishikari Bay New Port area, which is one of the largest industrial clusters in Japan and is steadily developing as leading industrial base in the Sapporo area.

PresidentTakaaki Toyooka