The results of the advancement within and outside Hokkaido is an evidence that Ishikari Bay New Port area is one of the nation’s leading industrial bases.

Ishikari Bay New Port area is adjacent to Sapporo City and interested parties can secure a vast area of land quite inexpensively. We can provide land catered to your business needs. You can also use business leasehold rights that can reduce the initial investment. Over 700 companies from within and outside Hokkaido have already started their ventures here. These companies employ over 15,000 people making this area one of Japan’s leading industrial bases. All of this is possible because there are various advantages - great accessibility, abundant human resource, and great cost performance.

Sites for business

  • Business sites are divided into three areas: industrial land, distribution land, and management support land.
  • The yellow part of the drawing is the part currently being sold, and the pink part is the part that has been sold.
  • The beige part of the drawing is planned for future sale.

Price overview of land for sale

Division Industrial Land Distribution Site Management Support Site
Target Industry Industrial systems such as manufacturing
(Distribution location is also possible)
Wholesale trade / warehousing business
Distribution system such as transportation
Service facilities such as commercial facilities and recreational and recreational facilities,
test and research facililites
Location Otaru / Ishikari City Otaru / Ishikari City Ishikari City
Area of use Designated Industrial Use
Industrial Use
Semi-industrial area
Semi-industrial area Semi-industrial area
Site Category Residential Land Residential Land Residential Land
Sale Price 12,000yen/m² 12,000yen/m² 13,000~15,000yen/m²
Other ・As a general rule, payment must be made in a lump sum.
・Land hand over (property transfer procedure) upon contract will be done immediately after payment.
・As a rule, the operation will start within 2 years after land hand over.

Business site lease overview

For District Business Site lease overview Deposit
Industrial Site
Distribution Site
500yen/m² · year
(42yen/m² · month)
※2 years rent
(zero interest)
Management Support Site 600yen/m² · year
(50yen/m² · month)

※The deposit will be refunded after delivery of the land upon termination of the contract.

  • The business site is predominantly for sale but renting is also available. The deposit will be refunded upon the termination of the contract and land hand over.
  • As a fixed term leasehold for business use, only limited to business structures.
    In addition, it may not be targeted depending on the intended use of the site.
  • As a general rule, lease period is more than 10 years and less than 30 years.
  • At the termination of the contract, buildings must be removed and land returned in its original state.
    ※The amount of deposit returned may be negotiated depending on the type of business.

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