FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of company is Ishikari Development Co., Ltd.?
In collaboration with local governments, we are developing a new port area in Ishikari Bay, which is positioned as a large-scale project in Hokkaido.
We are engaged in businesses related to acquisition, creation, sales, rental and development of manufacturing industry, logistics, and commercial land.
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I want to go to Ishikari Development (Ishikari Bay New Port Area). Is there any public transportation?
As for public transportation, a central bus runs from Asabu Station (from Sapporo City Subway) and from the JR Teine Station (North Exit) for commuting in the morning and evening. People usually travel by car.
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Ishikari Bay New Port area is 15 km from Sapporo.
The Ishikari Bay New Port Area has excellent access to Sapporo City and its surrounding cities. It is located only 15 km from downtown Sapporo which is just about 30 minutes by car. The accumulation of logistics-related companies is increasing and so it is an important base for logistics and industries in the central Hokkaido area centering Sapporo.
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How much is the sale price?
Industrial / distribution land is 12,000 yen / ㎡, administrative work / industrial support area is 13,000 yen / ㎡, and livelihood support area is 15,000 yen / ㎡.
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Is there a lease system?
For land, we have a lease system based on the establishment of fixed-term leasehold for business with a period of 10 years or more and less than 30 years. Terms and conditions may vary depending on the area, so kindly contact us for more details.
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Is there a preferential system for land acquisition / location?
There are subsidies, property tax reductions, exemptions, and various other preferential systems for land acquisition by Hokkaido, Otaru City, Ishikari City and neighboring municipalities.
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What kinds of companies are there?
There are over 700 companies located from within and outside Hokkaido including major food manufacturers, major logistics companies, data centers, and energy-related companies.
Can I rent land temporarily?
Depending on the purpose of use, it is possible as long as there is no hindrance to development and sales in the area. However, primarily buildings cannot be constructed. Temporary storage space and events is possible. However, there are restrictions based on the purpose of use.
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Is industrial infrastructure such as power and communication available for use?
We can supply waterworks, industrial water, public sewerage, high-voltage power, and high-speed communication using optical fibers. City gas (natural gas) is available in some areas, and disposal facilities for all industrial wastes are available within the region. In addition, one-third of the entire area is either green space or parks making it scenic and a rich natural environment with abundant greenery.
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I am interested in visiting. How can I?
Thank you for your interest. Kindly contact us for more details. We would love to guide you through.
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I'm worried about snow in Hokkaido.
National and Hokkaido road managers and other road managers have adopted a thorough snow plowing system to prevent problems in daily life and business activities during the winter season. In recent years, snow has not caused any traffic congestion.