Synthemec Corporation

Ishikari Bay New Port area, it is possible to secure human resources not only from the Sapporo area or from Hokkaido but also from all over Japan.

Our company manufactures automatic labor-saving equipment, dedicated machines for the food industry, and contract processing of precision machine parts. To date, we have delivered about 4,000 custom-made facilities to the world. Our strength is that we can provide our customers with “one of a kind machine in the world” at low cost through our in-house production system that covers everything from design to processing, assembly, quality control, installation and support. The reason why we entered the Ishikari Bay New Port area is so we can acquire a vast land at a low price and secure quality workforce from Sapporo. Since the Ishikari Bay New Port area is adjacent to Sapporo City with a population of 1.95 million and it is possible to have employees from not only Sapporo city and other parts of Hokkaido but also from outside of Hokkaido. Our company has employees from various regions of Japan and most employees commute from Sapporo.