Best location for developing business

YKK AP’s Hokkaido factory produces building materials that are highly insulated and airtight, such as resin windows for buildings, resin windows and screens for houses, exteriors, and composite glass. In 1980, we started operations as a manufacturing and supply base in the Hokkaido area in the Ishikari Bay New Port area, which is adjacent to the central city of Sapporo. This is advantageous for the supply chain, and has a port suitable for transporting raw materials. At the Hokkaido Factory, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of transport and delivery by using inventory-less production through demand-driven manufacturing. In addition, we are making efforts to provide a better and convenient environment for customers 11 by directly supplying finished products to them for residential use. The Ishikari Bay New Port area is ideal because of the site, human resources, and the potential to develop a variety of businesses.